What are the differences between our Botanical Perfumes, Aromatic Ritual blends, and our Aromatherapy blends?

picture of 8 bottles of aromatic  ingredients with a mixing container and a glass stirring rod on top of it. Our Botanical Perfumes and Ritual Aromatics are a blend of unique ingredients formulated with specific energetic intentions and concepts in mind. We use natural ingredients  exclusively in all of our blends, many of which we have grown, ethically sourced, harvested, or processed ourself with time and great care. 

In the creation process of our aromatic blends for your personal journey, we factor in alchemical, astrological, energetic and physiological correspondents for each ingredient to create a desired energetic signature. We create perfume blends, and ritual aromatic blends in this way. 

So, what is the difference between our Perfumes, and our Ritual Aromatics, and Aromatherapy blends?

Our Botanicals Perfume blends are primarily made to be worn for the beautiful aroma it has, and the energetics incorporated are a secondary benefit. 

A good natural perfume must be blended with care, and skill in order to harmoniously bring the composition of top, heart, and base notes together in a generally pleasant end product. The conceptual design of the fragrance is interwoven with compatible ingredients to bring together both a wonderful scent, as well as the quality of energetics we are looking for in the perfume we create. 

A Ritual Aromatic is blended without the same rules a perfume blend has, and are primarily made with the energetics and actions of each ingredient in mind. A pleasant aroma may be created, but may or may not qualify to be considered a Perfume and or be entirely pleasant to wear as a perfume should be.  I work to incorporate pleasant aroma blends when possible in these, but that is secondary to the actions and energetics the blend contains. 

The qualities of each ingredient synergize into a blend which is able to be used as a facilitating conduit, a means of calling or drawing in/projecting out, influencing, and creating the best possible environment for making our best intentions happen for the highest good. 

Our Aromatherapy blends are formulated purely with physiological actions in mind. We have a small line of aromatherapy products, which sometimes change seasonally, but our specialty is in creating custom aromatherapy blends for individual clients, as well as spas, holistic health practitioners, and private labels.


Some ways to apply these aromatics are:

Within your daily rituals as a way to elevate mood, emphasize intentions, create a shift in mindset, and enter a calm emotional space to meditate or pray. Some ways to do this are incorporating these blends into your daily life in ways that work well for you.

Depending on the blend type, and your desired effects this can include using as:

  • Candle dressings
  • Anointing oils
  • Room and linen mists
  • In an atomizer, room diffuser, or aroma warmer
  • Baths, or washes


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