About Us


Crystal Davidson, Founder - Libertine + Viriditas Botanicals - Mom, Community Herbalist, Botanical Perfumer, Cosmetic Chemist, Astrologer, Tarotist, Field Botanist, Organic Landscape Designer, Educator, Artist, Alchemist, Devotee of the Natural World


Crystal’s approach to wellness and lifestyle emphasizes the concept of holistic health; mind, body, and spirit. Her approach to product formulation is from the perspective and experience of a practicing Community Herbalist and wellness consultant of over 20 years. 

Crystal's formal training is based in Western herbalism, which she uses along with other healing modalities incorporated into her practice including influences such as Vitalism, Aromatherapy, Astrology.

Her work has evolved into exploring the art of Botanical Perfumery, where as both Herbalist and Perfumer she's been able to integrate her love of plants and practicality with her desire to create, explore, and transmute ideas and concepts into an artform that people can experience.

Libertine x Viriditas Botanicals promotes healthy, clean, high quality products based on the vital physical and energetic power of nature and botanicals.

 Our product lines are a combination of nature-based and elemental understanding of plants and their spiritual properties.

Astrological timing, harvesting methods, and quality are top priority when sourcing or growing ingredients for our products.

Our passion is to facilitate connection of people to the vitality of life through botanicals and the magic found within the natural world.

We emphasize use of local, organic, ethically wildcrafted, non-GMO, sustainably produced ingredients.

Many of the botanicals found in our products are grown, harvested, and processed by Crystal, and items are produced in small hand-made batches to maintain quality and freshness.

Packaging  is as minimal, eco-friendly, and healthy as possible. We offer product refills and local pick up to those interested to reduce packaging and our footprint on the environment. 


Our services include workshops and classes on botanical perfumery, organic gardening, and botanical product making. 
We also offer:
  • Bespoke Botanical perfume consults
  • Custom product creation
  • Tarot + Astrology readings
  • Combination packages of all of the above services
  • Holistic Wellness Coaching and Support, centered on spiritual and emotional well being during transitional phases of life, and motherhood.
All of which are available for individuals, businesses, and special events. 
Libertine and Viriditas Botanicals are woman owned and operated in Austin, Texas and are a proud part of the LGBTQ community. 

 Libertine + VB is also a member of the SBBC 

“SBBC is an ever-growing collective of small business owners who are dedicated to making your dollar count towards real change."
We collaborate on ways to be more conscious business owners and community members through our actions in business, from our packaging choices, to contributing to causes and organizations that align with our values and ethics as a group that value the environment, and justice. 
We're passionate about sustainable & Earth-minded products and committed to eco-responsible business practices and approaches.
We focus on:
  •  Reducing waste
  •  Reusing packaging
  • Donating money to organizations actively working to reverse the damage done by decades of plastic disposal and/ or further racial justice through intersectional environmentalism