Collection: Small Batch Botanical Perfumes

Our botanical perfumes are 100% natural, made without the use of synthetics. Small batch, cruelty free, and made with love in Austin, TX. 

Our Botanical Perfumes are as unique and beautiful as they are meaningful. Each perfume concept is blended over time, with the intention to tell a story, to evoke a feeling, mood, or to invoke energetic and astrological qualities from each ingredient into a final composition which smells entirely unique and divine.

Made from natural materials, each batch of perfume brings the nuance of terroir.  

This is slow batch perfumery.


We exclusively use natural ingredients in all of our blends, many of which we have grown, ethically sourced, harvested, or processed ourselves with time and great care. 

In the creation process of all of our aromatic blends for your personal journey, we factor in alchemical, astrological, energetic and physiological correspondents for each ingredient to create a desired energetic signature.