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Kisses Under Magnolias

Kisses Under Magnolias

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Uplifting, Joyful, Inspires action, Creativity, Happiness

A blend with bright, citrusy, peppery, balsamic notes, with soft woody dry-down of Sandalwood and Amber. Top and heart notes of Lemon, Petitgrain, and Benzoin.

Ritual + Magical

Charm, strength, truth, perseverance, truly loving who you are, finding what you love in this world, ancestral wisdom and protection, connecting with ancestors, lineage, luck.

Attraction of beauty, joy, happiness, purity, and longevity in love and friendship.

Courage and luck in leaping into the unknown, new beginnings, bright, uplifting, outward energy, wisdom rooted in truth and clarity.





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food safe, hand wash

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