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Cottagecore Botanical Perfume

Cottagecore Botanical Perfume

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Smoky Indonesian Vetiver paired with lighter Haitian vetiver, bring deep and complex earthiness with fresh lavender, floral green notes of clary sage and geranium with creamy, light vanillic notes of tonka bean, and crisp bergamot.

Aromatics of petrichor, earth, sweet grasses, alongside Juniper forest after a deep, rain. Within sacred hearth and home, peaceful, and deeply in love with life.

Ritual + Magical 

The energetics of this blend are in creating and being part of intentional, clear, harmonious spaces, finding happiness. Calming. Promotes peaceful atmosphere, clear, well received communication, strength and thoughtfulness. Drawing in of healthy, beautiful friendships or romantic relationships, particularly (though not exclusively) of the same gender, and creative, beneficent energy, prosperity.


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food safe, hand wash

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