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Hello Lover

Hello Lover

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Notes of honey, fruit florals, high temple incense

The fragrance of honeyed peaches and cream on a warm, humid night, early summer in the deep south. Everything bursting open and heavy with intention. Blooms of Osmanthus and Pink Lotus rising through the depths, emerging with Orange Blossoms and Rose, and held by the green softness of sweet Cassie absoute.

Reminiscent of the beginning stages of being with a lover you have incredible chemistry with. Of being in bed days on end, mutual adoration, exploration, intensity. Sex magic, communion, being anointed with sacred waters of immortality again and again.

Ritual + Magical

Empowerment, good fortune, heightened states of awareness and connection to source.


Embodying strength, nobility, expression of power, strength, and sexuality. Loyalty, clear truths, connecting souls.

Invites prosperity, success, beauty, luxury, comfort, deep, passionate true love(ers). Inspires creativity, creative impulses that bring luxury and comfort on the physical and emotional planes.


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