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Libertine x Viriditas Botanicals

Astrology Charts and Readings

Astrology Charts and Readings

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Astrology is an ancient divinatory technique which explores how the placement, configuration, and movement of celestial bodies such as planets and stars influence human behavior, soul evolution, and events. I use primarily use tropical, Hellenistic astrology techniques in my work both in readings, as well as influencing my herbal and ritual aromatherapy formulas.

Natal Chart Readings explain how the placement of celestial bodies influences the conditions, gifts, and challenges you were born with.

We use the exact time and place of birth to begin charting this map. If no exact time or place is known, we use special techniques to estimate this and piece together the chart from there. 

An Electoral chart is one in which we find the most favorable astrological conditions for events, usually but not exclusively special events such as weddings, launching a business, moving, traveling, surgeries, larger moves, and purchases.

Annual Profections is an ancient technique which explains the themes of the year one will likely have based on your age, rising sign, and the Lord of the year as it relates to personal chart placements.


Upgrade with a custom enchanted botanical perfume based on your chart reading! 


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