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Frangipani (Plumeria) Flower Essence 10 ml

Frangipani (Plumeria) Flower Essence 10 ml

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Discover the Healing Benefits of Plumeria Flower Essence

Plumeria flower essence is a gentle, effective remedy that can help bring balance and harmony to your life. Supports emotional healing, promoting more openness, clarity and wellbeing. Plumeria flower essence is ideal for restoring a sense of harmony within oneself, helping one to trust their inner wisdom, overcoming fear, and discovering joy. Plumeria is also used in strengthening the energetic constitution, and helpful in regulating deeply held beliefs about sexuality which may impede connection and intimacy. Facilitates connection to the Divine Feminine. Also known to impart protective energetics while repelling negativity.

Interesting historical lore: Plumeria flowers are often grown in cemeteries as it has long been known to protect people from ghosts and negative spirits.

 Flower essences can be effectively used internally, topically, and added to sprays and atomizers.


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