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Tarot Ritual Oil Blends

Tarot Ritual Oil Blends

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These blends have been made to facilitate direction for clients from tarot and astrological readings I've gathered over the years paired with historical and physiological actions and indications.

Some of the most common themes of consults have often been the need for new, fresh creative energy, invite or deepen emotional connection with self and others, and strength to begin, stay the course graciously, or end situations or patterns we may need to let go of or repel. 

This is found in The Creator, The Connector, and The Warrior.

Blended with astrological and energetic significations and ingredients such as extracts, essential oils in a base of jojoba that invoke the power of ritual and magic into our lives through the inherent qualities found in the natural world.

Creator is herbaceous and spicy, energizing. Basil, black pepper, and ginger highlight this blend.

Actions: Use when to invite inspiration, fresh creative energy, new ideas and a new perspective when working with or on projects and facing challenges which need a different approach .

Connector is softly sweet, balsamic, coumarin rich. This blend highlights vanilla, rose, jasmine, cinnamon, tonka bean, mandrake, patchouli, Australian sandalwood.

Actions: Inviting, encouraging, and facilitating of connection, relations, and love, true friendships, amicable conditions for favorable results.

Warrior is crisp, woody, earthy, and potent. Highlights round cypress, angelica, mandrake, labdanum.

Actions: Use this blend when it’s necessary to stay the course, hold fast, steady, and find the inner strength and fortitude to do things that must be done. Calls in blessings and success while carrying out big plans which need courage, focus, and the use of logic. Also helpful in releasing and banishing a helpful or stagnant energy, habits, or situations. 

Blended in jojoba.

Customization available for each blend.



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